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Got Medication: 

Got Medication is the best online resource to help you find pertinent info about new and commonly prescribed medications, including over the counter drugs for all age groups along with Vitamins, Supplements and Essential Oils.  We are passionate about not only making your search as easy as possible but also by providing you an easy no fuss way to purchase the products that fit your needs and lifestyle.  This is not about-us it is about you our visitors.

Mission Statement:

Got Medication is committed to making available the most relevant information from reliable sources so that you and your doctor can make informed decisions about your healthcare.

At you will find information for any medication, vitamin or supplement by searching Name of Medication, Disease or Condition.  For the Over-the-Counter medications you will find information by searching for Adults, Kids and Babies.

We believe Got Medication is the best on line source for information gathering related to medications, vitamins and supplements.  We know from first-hand experience how difficult this can be.   We are proud to offer an easy access solution.